Free VPN: What Do Redditors think? needs no introduction. It’s an extremely popular website among people from all around the world. Netizens discuss all existing topics there: everything from fashion to more serious issues like science, technology and others. Reddit lovers haven’t left out security and privacy problems on the Internet either.

Not surprisingly that a VPN has become an extremely popular topic on Reddit. This technology is used by a huge number of people nowadays. Before reading, for example, an Avast VPN review and thinking about worth it using or not, visit and you will learn a lot of useful information about the provider there. All information is provided by ordinary persons without a purpose to sell a product or embellish the truth. Exactly for this reason, Reddit is so well-liked all around the globe.

Let’s see, what people write about free VPN providers on Reddit.


Free VPN: issues that Redditors discuss

I’ve explored and found out the main topics about free VPNs there. So, people discuss:

  1. Best free VPNs;
  2. best free VPN providers for torrenting;
  3. best free VPN providers for Netflix;
  4. best free VPN for Android (and other platforms);
  5. free VPN for gaming.

Of course, I’ve mentioned only the most popular topics. The list can go on and on.

Are free VPN providers worth using?

Don’t forget that I give you the information which I’ve found on Reddit. You may have another point of view. It’s fine.

I was surprised, but there are few positive comments on free VPN on Reddit. Almost all netizens recommend to avoid free VPN providers and use The Onion Router if it comes to a free security measure for an anonymous Internet connection.

Let’s see, why they argue against free VPNs.


Why is it better to avoid free VPNs?

  1. Sell your data

One of the most widespread thoughts about free VPN providers on Reddit is that they can sell your personal data. Some of Redditors suggest that if a service is free, it reveals your personal information, connection metadata, your bandwidth and others to a third-party. Actually, this viewpoint is coherent. Free VPNs undoubtedly raise some questions.
When you use a VPN while surfing the Internet, you first connect to a server in another country and only then to a server you need. Some VPN providers spend thousands or even millions of dollars to have reliable and secure servers. It’s impossible for any VPN provider to make money only with advertising. Then, the question arises: when do free VPN providers get money from? So…
Personally I think that this viewpoint is completely justified.

  1. They are slow

Speeds of a provider matter if a person wants to use a VPN for torrenting or unblocking online streaming services. Unfortunately, free VPNs aren’t able to provide its customers with high speeds. Even paid VPNs offer free servers, but they are not suitable for gaming or watching movies online. You can use them only for anonymous browsing.

  1. Ads

I found out that Redditors are impatient with ads wherever the topic is. Sometimes a free VPN service can be a cover for a paid project. That’s why you will be constantly shown ads of paid VPNs. It is able to annoy even the calmest user on the Internet.


Why is it better to use paid VPNs?

So, we’ve covered the main reasons why Redditors don’t like free VPN services. But why do they love paid ones? Have a look.

  1. Stable Internet connection

If you visit and start reading comments, you’ll see what people write about paid services: “I have never faced any problems with (a certain VPN). It has a secure and stable connection” or something like this. Trustworthy VPNs spend millions of dollars to provide its customers with reliable VPN servers. Not surprisingly that an Internet connection of such VPNs are stable and anonymous.

  1. They don’t keep logs

One of the main features of a trustworthy VPN is a no logs policy. Netizens understand it and use only robust providers that won’t be able to reveal their sensitive data to a third-party. Read a privacy policy of a provider carefully while choosing the best VPN for your secure connectivity.

  1. Price

In spite of the fact that Redditors prefer to avoid free servers, they pay a lot of attention to a price, free trials and money-back guarantee. They usually speak and compare these points. Hopefully, there are a lot of popular providers who are ready to offer 30-day or even 45-day money-back guarantee to their customers.

VPN providers that Redditors love in 2018

You may be wonder what VPN providers do people on Reddit love most of all?

When I was looking through numerous comments on Reddit to the topics related to free VPNs, I’ve noticed that netizens inclined to give paid alternatives if somebody asked about a free VPN. Here is the list of the best VPN providers according to Reddit:

  1. NordVPN. People describe this provider as secure and fast. They use it for unblocking streaming services and watching videos online. Another reason that makes NordVPN number one provider on Reddit is that it’s available in China.
  2. Private Internet Access. This provider is extremely popular on Reddit. People appreciate its fast speeds. That can explain why it is widely used for torrenting.
  3. ExpressVPN. Redditors like the customer service of this VPN. They find this provider fast and reliable for unblocking restricted content of Netflix.


There is a great choice of free VPN providers nowadays. Some people are ready to try them, others are not. Now you know what Redditors think about free VPN providers. It is, of course, up to you what VPNs to use: free or paid.  Luckily, there is such a great website like that can help you to make up your mind. Good luck!