VPN on Reddit: What people say

Reddit.com is the biggest platform where you can discuss almost every issue within this online society: from food to technologies. Internet users that take use of the platform are known as redditors. By the moment, it unites more than 500 million redditors per month. It has been ranked as the most visited website.

Several stats about Reddit:

  • There are more than 300 million reddit users around the world.
  • Reddit has more than 800 thousand subreddits. 
  • Redditors are very active as regards voting: about 60 million votes every day.
  • Reddit users spend about 15 minutes on the platform.
  • Netizens leave about 3 million comments on Reddit.

Despite the fact that it is rather popular, Reddit may be blocked in certain regions. But don’t worry if you live in the country where it is not available. There are such tools that allow bypassing these restrictions and access the website from any region.

One can bypass geo-blocks with the help of proxies or VPNs. As far as the last one is concerned, it is said to be the most efficient tool among similar ones. By the way, VPN services are discussed as well, and there are even subreddits on this topic.  On our site we have a special post where you can read what people think about VPN on Reddit.

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There are lots of subreddits devoted to various issues nowadays. VPN is one of the most discussed, and that’s obvious as the issue is dead popular among netizens.

In this post we are going to know what Reddit users say about VPN on Reddit.

Just a few words about VPN if you aren’t aware of this great stuff. Have a quick look at 3 most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and allows creating a confidential tunnel for bypassing restrictions connected with geo-locations or internet censorship.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and allows creating a confidential tunnel for bypassing restrictions connected with geo-locations or internet censorship.

  1. How does VPN work?

Having installed a VPN service on devices, a user will:

change his/her real IP address and be assigned with a new one by a VPN provider. That IP will be seen on the network for all third parties.

make internet connections more secure as the traffic is encrypted so that no one could steal any personal information.

  1. Why to use VPN software on your device?

A VPN user can:

unblock access to restricted websites.

protect the data against hackers and third parties that could monitor and intercept users’ activities on the network.

stream films online, even those which are not available in your country.

be anonymous online as the actual location is different when one is connected via VPN.

download torrent files anonymously without being logged by copyright trolls.

Well, what do they say about VPN in all of Reddit? We noticed that there are four popular subreddits on this topic.

  1. Netizens often discuss Netflix and look for the ones which will unblock it.
  2. Some of internet users are in search of VPN for being anonymous while torrenting.
  3. Having the best VPN is another discussed topic on Reddit network.
  4. Finally, people want to find a free VPN service.

What are reddit users interested in VPNs?

‘’Free VPN’’ on Reddit

‘’Free VPN’’ on Reddit

Some ideas taken from the discussions are:

  • A lot of users do not trust free VPN services and recommend to avoid them.
  • TOR is recommended if you need to unblock websites only. VPN is preferred for the private Internet.
  • Free VPNs are believed to sell users’ data to third parties that’s why they are not suitable for privacy.
  • Still, such VPNs are familiar to everybody: Windscribe, Hola VPN extension, Proton.

‘’Netflix VPN’’ on Reddit

Having looked through Netflix via VPN subreddits, we understood that it should:

… provide fast enough speeds so that not to have a negative impact on streaming opportunities.

work with Netflix: be able to avoid being identified by the company.

… have lots if IP addresses from different regions (USA is the most popular).

VPN services discussed for using to unblock Netflix: Nord VPN, CyberGhost, VyprVPN, PIA.

‘’Torrent VPN’’ on Reddit

As far as torrent VPN services are concerned, the following opinions are expressed:

  • A VPN provider for torrenting must keep no logs about VPN users.
  • Netizens who download torrents need a VPN for privacy as sometimes torrents are copyrighted.
  • The choice of a torrent VPN will depend on personal needs and preferences. One shouldn’t rely on others’ choice.
  • Torrenting via VPN is different from country to country: various laws on piracy.

‘’Best VPN’’ on Reddit

According to reddit users, among the best VPN providers are:

  • ExpressVPN

  • NordVPN

  • PIA
  • Pure VPN

  • CyberGhost

What do people look for in the best VPNs?

Here’s the number of features that are appreciated by redditors:

  • Reliable encryption tools (users want their best VPN to be able to protect their personal information against hackers);
  • Speedy connections (they need them for unblocking streaming services, so it shouldn’t slow down upload and download speeds).
  • Wide choice of countries for VPN locations (they need to be able to use IPs from multiple regions.
  • Strong VPN protocols (secure cyphered data transfer is a required feature for the best service).
  • No-logging (if a provider keeps no logs, it ensures with a real privacy online).

That’s all for today’s post. Hope that you’ve drawn valuable insights from it.