Free VPN: What Do Redditors think? needs no introduction. It’s an extremely popular website among people from all around the world. Netizens discuss all existing topics there: everything from fashion to more serious issues like science, technology and others. Reddit lovers haven’t left out security and privacy problems on the Internet either.

VPN on Reddit: What people say is the biggest platform where you can discuss almost every issue within this online society: from food to technologies. Internet users that take use of the platform are known as redditors. By the moment, it unites more than 500 million redditors per month. It has been ranked as the most visited website.

Several stats about Reddit:

  • There are more than 300 million reddit users around the world.
  • Reddit has more than 800 thousand subreddits. 
  • Redditors are very active as regards voting: about 60 million votes every day.
  • Reddit users spend about 15 minutes on the platform.
  • Netizens leave about 3 million comments on Reddit.

Despite the fact that it is rather popular, Reddit may be blocked in certain regions. But don’t worry if you live in the country where it is not available. There are such tools that allow bypassing these restrictions and access the website from any region.

One can bypass geo-blocks with the help of proxies or VPNs. As far as the last one is concerned, it is said to be the most efficient tool among similar ones. By the way, VPN services are discussed as well, and there are even subreddits on this topic.  On our site we have a special post where you can read what people think about VPN on Reddit.

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Reddit is the most well-known online platform for social discussions. According to Alexa ranks, it occupies number 8 position in a global rating (updated in September, 2017). It can be compared to it alternatives, such as Digg, Pikabu or Pinterest, but they seem too regional in comparison with Reddit which has obtained a global status of popularity. (more…)

Stay with Reddit everywhere: set Reddit app for mobiles

officialredditapp has become so famous and frequently-used that it is not enough to take advantage from visiting its website from your personal computer. Reddit’s followers really need to stay in touch when they can’t do it from their PCs. (more…)

What is Reddit?


If you ask this question, you belong to that part of internet users who has not visited the website. Still, it seems that there are so few individuals who are not aware of this. Haven’t you REALLY heard of Reddit? Ok, read the paragraph below and you will be able to say: ‘’Oh… Yes, I heard of Reddit’’ (more…)