for beginners: you need to know this


Reddit is the most well-known online platform for social discussions. According to Alexa ranks, it occupies number 8 position in a global rating (updated in September, 2017). It can be compared to it alternatives, such as Digg, Pikabu or Pinterest, but they seem too regional in comparison with Reddit which has obtained a global status of popularity. (more…)

Stay with Reddit everywhere: set Reddit app for mobiles

officialredditapp has become so famous and frequently-used that it is not enough to take advantage from visiting its website from your personal computer. Reddit’s followers really need to stay in touch when they can’t do it from their PCs. (more…)

What is Reddit?


If you ask this question, you belong to that part of internet users who has not visited the website. Still, it seems that there are so few individuals who are not aware of this. Haven’t you REALLY heard of Reddit? Ok, read the paragraph below and you will be able to say: ‘’Oh… Yes, I heard of Reddit’’ (more…)